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      Julia and her happy team have been looking after my boy, a two year old ridgeback, for just over a year now and they've been great!  My boy is, to say the least, fussy and they seem to cope! I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who loves their pooch and need someone reliable. We tried a couple of people before we were pointed in Tails in the Parks direction. We wish we hadn't wasted our time with the others! Julia is even known to take care of our boy on bank holidays at short notice!
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      I've used Tails in the Park to look after and walk my six year old boxer dog Frank for the past three years. As a veterinary medicine student, getting the time to exercise Frank daily is hard to come by and Tails in the Park fill that void perfectly. Frank is high maintenance and suffers from IBD and recurring pancreatitis but Julia and her team have taken the time to understand his ailments and know exactly how to look after him. We even use Tails in the Park to care for Frank when we go on holiday which is no mean feat given his complex feeding regime! We can't recommend them highly enough.
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      February 19, 2020As many of you know, Tails in the City is more than just a dog crèche. We offer a range of additional services, one of which is dog socialisation. Occasionally, a dog joins us who struggles to get on with its peers. Our socialisation programme is designed to help these dogs gradually acclimatise to being… [...] Read more...
      April 16, 2019Owning a dog, it is likely that at some point you will encounter a situation when your dog expresses anxious behaviours. Anxiety in dogs can have many causes, and may be difficult to navigate. If left alone, this anxiety could develop into destructive behaviours. Yet fortunately there are a number of things you can do… [...] Read more...
      November 9, 2018It’s easy to dismiss dog grooming as nothing more than a luxury, but more and more dog owners are finding just how beneficial this practice can be. Here are five benefits that pet owners can expect when making use of a professional dog grooming service. Improve the Quality of a Dog’s Coat The grooming of… [...] Read more...
      September 18, 2018Tails in the City  has pledged its commitment to high quality industry standards and the region’s young people by creating seven apprenticeship positions. Tails in the City, based on Sefton Street in Liverpool, provides day care to more than 50 dogs a day.  The company was established 5 years ago and employs 8 staff.  Now… [...] Read more...
      August 16, 2018What is Lyme Disease? Lyme disease is a common and potentially fatal disease that affects humans, dogs, cats and other species. Dogs tend to get Lyme disease more than cats and people because they spend more time outside and are more likely to venture into long grasses where ticks are commonly found. It is caused… [...] Read more...
      July 6, 2018Those fortunate enough to own a dog will know that they thrive on receiving attention but what does this mean for those in shelters? Although shelter animals are usually well cared for, these centres can be short on resources so are often concerned about their canine residents getting enough petting each day. However, research carried… [...] Read more...

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