November 9, 2018

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5 Reasons To Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

It’s easy to dismiss dog grooming as nothing more than a luxury, but more and more dog owners are finding just how beneficial this practice can be.

Here are five benefits that pet owners can expect when making use of a professional dog grooming service.

Improve the Quality of a Dog’s Coat

The grooming of a dog is about more than just washing their coats. As well as ensuring that your pet is pampered, dog grooming is integral for getting rid of dead skin and loose hair. This improves the quality of a dog’s coat and ensures that there is a circulation of air getting to your pet’s skin.

Spot Potential Problems Early On

Dogs are very resilient animals. While some let their owners that there is a problem, others may suffer in silence.

Just like humans, dogs can get an assortment of pests and illnesses. The use of a dog grooming service allows dog owners to spot potential parasites and bumps sooner rather than later.

Although every discovery won’t need a trip to the vet, pet owners are given that additional peace-of-mind. A grooming regime can help discover ailments so they can be treated quickly.

Pets Feel More Relaxed

As well as ensuring your dog looks their best, professional dog grooming can help them feel their best. Dogs can be very excitable, and many love to use up their energy running about. But just like us, there comes a time when a dog just wants some attention and downtime. The massage aspect of dog grooming can be the perfect way to achieve this.

Reduce Chiropractic Problems

Although the use of dog grooming isn’t guaranteed to omit every chiropractic problem, it can help reduce the likelihood.

In most instance, dogs’ nails won’t wear down fast enough to keep up with nail growth. Neglecting nails can lead to a series of joint problems.

Many of us know when a dog’s nails need clipping – they will click on surfaces when the dog moves around.

Dog owners can attempt to clip a dog’s nails themselves. However if they’re not experienced this could cause some discomfort.

Nail clipping is part of dog grooming. If you’re using a professional, you can be confident that your pet’s nails are of the optimum length.

Take Care of the Smaller Details

Despite all the time we spend with our pets, sometimes we can overlook things like the state of their ears and teeth. Dental sticks are great for cleaning a dog’s teeth. But just like us, dogs should see a professional to ensure that there are no issues.

A good quality groomer will check your pet’s teeth, and also the ears for any hairs that may harbour bacteria. In addition, they will check eyes to make sure there aren’t issues that could cause problems with sight.

There’s no doubt that dogs mean a lot to their owners so they’re usually well looked after. However, a dog grooming service ensures your pet feels and looks it best.

We’re excited to announce that Tails in the City will soon be launching its very own dog grooming service. Tails in the City staff are currently training with Ultimutt Dog Grooming to achieve professional dog grooming qualifications. This will guarantee the grooming service we offer will be of the highest standard.