Does your pooch poop where he shouldn’t? Does your terrier terrorise the postman?

Nipping problems in the bud and understanding why your young dog has those frustrating habits can set the scene for a long and happy relationship with your pet.  Remember that training is an important part of bringing up your puppy.

Spending quality time training your dog can be rewarding for both pet and owner. The mental stimulation a dog receives through taking classes, along with regular exercise, will even help him sleep at night.

The best time to start is whilst your puppy is young.  Just like a child you can equip your dog with social skills, boost their house training and learn how to be in control when you walk in the park!

Puppies up to the age of 12 months are invite to join our Sunday Afternoon Puppy Foundation Course.  After seven weeks of hourly classes,  your dog will be assessed and certificates are presented to the puppies that pass. Once your dog has the Foundation course under his collar, he can progress onto the Kennel Club’s Bronze Award for training and obedience.

The seven week course costs £75, the next course starts in February 2015.  Register  your interest using the form here or call us on 07929 989 699.