November 28, 2019

two dogs on street with water bowls and thank you note

Help Tails raise funds to provide vet care for dogs with homeless owners

This Christmas, Tails in the City is raising money for Care For The Paw who provide homeless dog vet care in the region. Please join us in making lives of these special dogs and their owners a little easier. The charity reports that they are seeing double the amount of dogs with homeless owners this year, compared to last year.

Free vet care

Care For The Paw supply dog food, dog coats, harnesses, collars, leads, blankets – anything that is dog-related and easy for the owners to carry.

But most importantly the charity provides free veterinary care. Many homeless dog-owners are not able to access free vet care from organisations such as the PDSA. The is because they do not receive the necessary state benefits. So Care For The Paw has a team of vets who donate their time and expertise to help dogs with homeless owners.

The charity holds drop-in vet clinics at The Basement Advisory Centre on Parr Street on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 7.30pm. So their homeless friends can pick up supplies and have their dogs health checked. They also hold a monthly drop-in clinic at the YMCA on the Wirral, on the 1st Thursday of the month at 4.30pm. The charity also arranges hostel visits to provide vet care to the dogs who are resident there with their owners.

Donations go to Care For The Paw vet care fund

Care For The Paw is very grateful for the generosity of Tails in the City and its customers. ALL cash donations will go into our vet fund, so they can provide any medication or surgery that is needed. 

Dog toys wanted

In addition, Care For The Paw is asking people to donate new good quality toys for their street dogs. For example Nyla bones, so they can enjoy a good chew. Also squeaky toys – what dog doesn’t enjoy a squeaky toy or a tennis ball? You can drop off your doggy gifts at Tails In The City but please make a donation to our fund too!

Let’s make a difference!

Tails in the City staff, clients and friends… let’s mobilise forces! And make a difference to pets and owners who are less fortunate than us. Keep up to date with the progress of our campaign on social media. We’ll be posting updates on how much we’ve raised and how it’s helping.

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