June 23, 2017

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Dog Owners Needed for Feeding Study

The University of Liverpool is seeking dog owner volunteers for a study on the effect of different sized portions on the food intake of pet dogs. The experiment takes place over three sessions in the owner’s home. Each session will take place at least three days apart and at the dog’s normal meal time when the researchers will feed them either a standard, large, or extra large portion of their normal food. During the experiment, dogs will be photographed and their eating behaviour filmed. Volunteers will be asked to fill out some questionnaires about their dog’s behaviour

When the study is complete, owners receive £15 as a reimbursement for their time and receive a £5 voucher for pet food as reimbursement for the food used in the study. The dogs will receive a certificate of participation for their good work!

The researchers are looking for dog owners who:

• Own one dog
• Typically feed their dog once or twice a day at roughly the same time
• Have an adult dog that does not suffer from any conditions that might affect his/her appetite
• Have a dog that is not nervous/aggressive/fearful around strangers and food

If you are interested in taking part in this research, please contact Jessica Waddingham at The University of Liverpool via email [email protected]