June 8, 2017

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6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Heat

When the temperature rises make sure your dog doesn’t go into meltdown. Common sense and doggy welfare are the order of the day. Here’s 6 hot weather tips to ensure your canine stays cool and well hydrated.

1. Water is Key
Make sure he has a constant supply of water. If you are out and about, take a bottle of cold water, along with an old ice cream tub that makes a great travel bowl.

2. Get Freezing
Some park cafes offer doggy frozen yoghurts but save your money and make a healthier snack by freezing meat stock into cubes. Even a plain ice cube will be welcomed by your pet on hot days.

3. Chill in the Garden
There are lots of ways to keep your dog or puppy cool at home. In the garden you can make a canopy from an old sheet. A paddling pool or showering your dog off with the hose will also bring instant welcome relief. But remember – snow dogs shouldn’t have heavy amounts of water on their coats. They are prone to a condition called hotspot which can be made worse if coats are wet. Inside the house, treat your dog to a fan. Your pet will love to feel the wind in his face.

4. Short & Smart
Have your long haired dog well clipped during the summer to help them keep their cool. They’ll look smart at the same time.

5. Route Rethink
Have a think about the route you normally take on your walk with your dog. Are there plenty of trees to provide shade? And what about underfoot? Grass is friendlier to paws than concrete which can actually heat up so much that it will cause burns – in really hot weather this can happen even in the UK!

6. Paw in your Pocket
If you feel like splashing the cash there are all kinds of gadgets and accessories available from chilled mats to lie on, and cool vests that you soak in water before your dog wears it.

Bear in mind that when a dog overheats it can lead to serious problems so make sure you keep an eye on your dog during the summer months. Signs of overheating can include heavy panting, pale gums and increased drooling. In really hot weather, it’s best to avoid the midday sun. And at Tails in the City, we advise against leaving your dog in the car when it’s hot, even with the windows ajar.

By ensuring their temperature doesn’t rise too much he or she will feel more refreshed and have more energy. Stick to these rules and you’re set to have a great summer with your dog.