Typical Day

• Drop your dog off, or we will pick up on foot or in one of our vehicles
• When your dog arrives we will carry out a health check to make sure all is well including inspection of ears, teeth, paws and posture
• We let your dog into the play areas to have fun with their friends
• Your dog has constant access to:
o fresh water
o a large, comfy , enclosed nap area (heated in winter)
o shady trees to relax under

• Younger, high energy dogs will be taken off site for a 60 min walk to either a local park or Otterspool prom. We will discuss this with clients at time of booking.
• Another health check,
• Gentle wash and brush if needed then home.
• You collect your dog on the way home from work, or we will bring them home or to your place of work

Please feed your dog 2 hours before they arrive at our centre