Federico Tails In The City
A bit about me

I am a holder of a Bachelor degree in Natural Sciences with a deep passion for nature and dog’s behaviour. The contact with nature led me to improve my confidence and connection with the animals. I have done some work experience (as the volunteer) in a Kennel where I helped to take care of the animals coming into the centre from difficult home backgrounds or just purely unwanted pets. Moreover, I spent few years helping abandoned dogs/cats, feeding and help them to find a new house, and I had a chance to have a deal with animals since I was a child.
Furthermore, one year of canine training with one of my dogs, helped me to understand and improve my verbal and gestural communication (Lure Reward Training, Natural Dog Training) in order to achieve the expected outcome/ accomplishment. The training was carried out the use of with positive reinforcement. At the moment I have four dogs (two of which large breed over 100 pounds) and I had to solve problems such as the introduction of a new element in the community, make sure they are on the correct diet, have the correct medications and organise the space for each of them.


I really enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, jogging and football. I have been always interested in the IT world since I was really young and join my passion with perseverance and practice.
Also, I like to improve my knowledge about dog’s behaviour and canine’s psychology, reading books about ethology and zoology.


I don’t really like driving around my city during summer holidays as find a lot of abandoned dogs walking around looking for food.

Best thing about working for Tails In The City

To me, the best thing about working at tails in the city is giving a chance to a lot of dogs to socialise with humans and other dogs. In my opinion, this is a good way to prevent aggressive behaviour. And at the same time, Tails in the city is the perfect place where I can improve my training skills, working all the day with a lot of different breeds (that means different behaviours!)

Favourite dog breed

My favourite breed is by far, the Cane Corso pronounced kha-neh kor-so from Italian Cane (dog) and Corso (either meaning courtyard or guard), also known as the Italian Mastiff. It’s a big size mastiff (about 100 pounds!) with a really good temperament both with children and adults, and they always want to be close to the family. They are a calm and quiet and tend to bark rarely.

Funny dog story

During a summer afternoon, I was walking on the seaside with one of my dogs(Dana, the female Corso). Close to us, a young couple was lying down on the sand, and they were almost kissing when suddenly the boy turns his head and Dana licked the face of the girl with the closed eyes. The girl surprised of such behaviour started to laugh loudly after she realised what just happened.