Aritz - Tails In The City
A bit about me

Hi , I born in Spain in 1981, I study merchandising, marketing and commerce, and ethology but now I specialise in dogs psychology and dogs training, which has been my passion since a child. I played sports always trying to be a pro in hockey, taekwondo, darts, pool, roller blade, long board, etc.


I like animals, all of them and I love dogs.. I like with a lot of action sports like a skate, roller blades, long board, bmx, martial arts, and table games eg ping pong, pool table, darts, bowling etc. I like to party with my friends, family, good food, to travel different countries and learn all I can


I don’t like injustice, I don’t like violence , I don’t like chauvinist!

Best thing about working for Tails In The City

Working for Tails. I have a lot of reasons and bests things is working with dogs in a perfect place. Every day I get to interact with lot of different breeds and learn about them, work with a beautiful crew , and an incredible boss that is like a friend and give the opportunity to grow together.

Favourite dog breed

Border collie: they beautiful and very clever, maybe too much because it’s a hard work to be a collie in perfect condition they needs always things to do but with patience and training they can do all that you want them to do.

Funny dog story

When I was a child, I was in a car with my parents and I saw a big dog in the lane, I wanted to stop and we did, the dog was a mix between staffie and bull mastiff, he was a puppy and had a collar but wasn’t chipped, we fed and put water for it to drink and we were leaving when he starts to run behind the car. I started to cry and saying stop!!! Once again my parents stop the car and open the boot and the dog jumps in. We took the dog to my cousin’s and they gave it a home. Pluto was a beautiful dog and so friendly too.